Support – Firmware Updates

Free firmware updates allow you to update your Syncase products with any additional features or charging support for new tablet devices, mobile phones, MP3 players, cameras and more, giving you the ability to stay one step ahead of technology and new devices. All firmware updates are provided by Cambrionix.

Instructions for updating the firmware


Choose the appropriate link (Mac or Windows) from the table below: WARNING: The firmware update process is carried out entirely at your own risk. Before initating the update process, please be sure to backup or make copies of all important files on your USB devices and ensure that the firmware process is not interrupted.

DateDetailsDownload Links
30 July 2015v.1.55 - Optional update
  • Minor internal improvements to the firmware
  • Support added for a 5V EtherSync as well
2.6 MB
12 May 2015v.1.54 - Optional update
  • Minor internal improvements to the firmware
  • Improved end of charge detection
  • Fix for reporting 12V rail on EtherSync
  • New terminal command to report board configuration
  • Improved support for Apple Configurator
  • Fix operation on EtherSync 4
2.1 MB
4.2 MB
14 Nov 2013v.1.42 – Optional Update

This firmware update adds the ability to enable simultaneous charge and sync for
compatible devices. These compatible devices include many smart devices released
in recent years such as Google Nexus devices, Apple devices with lightning connectors
and many others. This means that for compatible devices you no longer have to
choose and switch between charging mode and sync mode, as these devices will be
able to charge and synchronise their data simultaneously. This minimises the complexity
of operation while reducing the time a device has to be attached to a cable.
2.1 MB
4.1 MB


Free apps help you get the most out of your Syncase products. Choose the appropriate link (Mac or Windows) from the table below:

DateDetailsDownload Links
6 Jan 2015LiveViewer

A free app for Mac and Windows that allows you to keep an eye on the
current status of your Syncase. You can check each port to see if there’s
currently a device attached, and how much energy it is using. You can also
configure the ports to either Sync or Charge mode, or switch them off.

1.5 MB
21.4 MB
17 Jan 2014ChaSync

A free Mac app for OS X that brings the benefits of simultaneous charging
and syncing to Apple devices that use the older 30-pin connectors. The app,
called ChaSync, sits in the background on the Mac and waits for any of these
older Apple devices to be attached to a port on the Syncase. When an
Apple device is detected, the app will enable charging in sync mode for
that device.
7 KB