Cambrionix PowerPad 8S

//Cambrionix PowerPad 8S

Cambrionix PowerPad 8S

£269.00 (exc. VAT)

The PowerPad8S allows for USB charging and data syncing to any attached devices.

This USB hub intelligently profiles any attached device and charges each one as per the manufacturer’s specification at up to 2.1amps to all 8 ports simultaneously. This ensures every device charges safely and as quickly as possible to preserve battery life.

This unit is compatible with our LiveViewer App and the Cambrionix API for advanced board programming and automation.

If your project requires device charging and syncing for up to 8 USB devices, along with individual port control, power cycling of devices, the recording and monitoring of power consumption (amps, charging time, total power consumed) or obtain Vendor ID (VID), Product ID (PID) information in a cased product, this product is for you!

All of the above functionality can also be automated through the Cambrionix API to save time and add value to your solution.

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