Trifibre Syncase 8 – Bespoke product design project leads to extended range!

A unique client challenge has led to a new pioneering product range at Trifibre.

A creative collaboration project to design and manufacture 45 modified versions of Trifibre’s Syncase 8, within just days, proved so successful it has led to the development of a future expansion to the range.

A lot of work needed to be done: drawing designs, creating prototypes, testing and making necessary amends and adjustments, production line – all in just 11 days!

A Mexico based client requested the largest ever single order of a customised Syncase 8 that Trifibre has had to manufacture and were presented with the added challenge of having to include bespoke specifications for the units, which needed to be shipped, worldwide in less than two weeks.

The original Syncase 8 is designed to house and simultaneously charge eight tablets. However the oversees client wanted to be able to store eight tablets while only charging six at a time.

One of the biggest design challenges to overcome on this project was to make the Syncase a completely stand-alone unit without access to mains power during its operation in the day, but at the same time charge the unit from its own fully portable built-in power supply – power bank.

Trifibre`s team of designers, engineers and developers was tasked with creating a custom built variation of its successful Syncase 8 – in 11 days – they more than met the challenge and with their collective extensive experience, drive and passion they managed to exceed client’s expectations.

Trifibre were also able to utilise input and support from its partner supplier of electrical parts for this special project and collectively were able to customise and change the interior of the case.

The portable built-in power bank in Syncase became a unique part of this product and Trifibre is currently in the process of developing a range of portable devices to support Syncase in becoming fully portable.

Trifibre’s Team proactive product development resulted in the manufacture of an additional bespoke product version that will become part of Trifibre’s Syncase solutions range.

Trifibre’s considerable capabilities mean it is able to manufacture not only the standard Syncase range but also design and fill the case with custom made features or parts to client’s specific requirements at competitive costs.

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Syncase Exhibited at the Bett Show 2016

Our latest exhibition was at the Bett Show 2016. We are always looking to network with businesses and individuals to introduce the products and services we have to offer.

If you are interested in our product range then do not hesitate to contact us. For more information please give us a call today on 0116 232 3166.

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